The Polo Shirt

The majority of my grade school years I was forced to wear uniforms. These uncool ensemlbes were made up of a polo style shirt and khakis. The only way you were able to truly showcase your style was with your footwear. After so long of wearing these uniforms, particularly the polos, they developed a bad reputation with me. Polo style shirts became the the most elementary piece of clothing you could put on your body. Since then my opinion on the garment has changed. Almost two weeks ago I styled a Lacoste Polo and now I look at polos as more classy and casual. A nice fitting polo made with quality materials can be very appealing. 

For this look I styled a striped sweater polo with matching color suit pants and the light brown accessories give the look more life. It may be a little late in the season to try this look out but it's not too late. The weather in some places are still reaching mid 80's which is ideal for this look. Let me know how you feel about the polo shirt in the comment section below!


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