Suit Separate Sunday

Often, if you're suit shopping you're going to be looking for a matching set. If you categorize yourself as a fashion-conservative, the thought of mixing suits probably has never crossed your mind or you're afraid to do so. There can also be other reasons: 1. Different textures and fabrics of suits (Ex: wool blazer & seersucker pants), 2. The quality/price of one piece is greater than the other (like eating a Hot Pocket on fine china), or 3. Your wardrobe just doesn't permit because it lacks an abundance of suits. Shuffling your suit combinations is indeed risky - you don't want to look tacky! But, if done correctly, mixing and matching your different suit ensembles will allow you to achieve a successful match.

For this look, I paired a tan blazer with navy blue pin-stripe trousers. I feel as if I achieved my desired look. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.