Spring Is Here

In my previous Menswear post, I gave my readers a "Spring Tease," literally and metaphorically. The weather was too inconsistent to be Spring but I still put together an outfit concept that would be ideal whenever Spring arrived in Atlanta. That being said...Spring is here! Mornings in Atlanta have been somewhat cool as of late but as the day progresses temperatures reach up to the high 70's and mid 80's. After an uncommon Winter (temperature wise), the warmer weather was highly anticipated, as it is every year.

This season I've really been feeling the color white almost in a minimalist aesthetic. That does not mean I'm jumping on the minimal bandwagon though. I do believe simplicity is good, so you can interpret this read as my twist on minimalism. This white oxford button down from H&M was only $10, a solid purchase. I accessorized the outfit with cognac tones to make it more comfortable for me. It's not a flashy outfit that will break necks as a suit would but, those who pay attention to detail will surely appreciate it.