Preparing For Summer

It seems as if the hype for spring has come and gone as the anticipation for summer '17 rises. Summer is a time for vacations, traveling, and soaking up sun. Summer can also be looked at as a time to plan ahead for the rest of the year. For me, it is just that. This summer I plan to take my brand to the next level. Those who have been subscribed to Dapper Demand for the past year have witnessed my growth and know that I've come a long way. As far as Dapper Demand is concerned, I have yet to receive any remittance for creating content. That is what I'm striving for and this summer I plan to make it happen. 

What are your goals for the summer? How do you plan to achieve them? Let me know in the comment section below.


*These photos were taken by my awesome waitress at the Barcelona Wine Bar, located in West Midtown*

H&M Henley (Similar)

H&M sunglasses

Old navy Straw Flat-Brim Hat