Post-Office Cowork: Redefining Work Spaces

Whenever it's time for me to create content I like to be inspired. I can speak for myself and others when I say creativity won't manifest when your're always in the same environment during your creative process. To have new ideas I recommend going to new spaces whether it be indoors or outdoors. My personal preference is to go to coffee shops with open atmospheres. It inspires me to see other people glued to their laptop screens typing away. But, recently I stumbled upon a new hub for creativity: Post-Office Cowork. Post-Office houses multiple spaces ideal for creating, thinking and collaborating. 


86 Pryor St SW

Atlanta, GA 30303

Freedom to work wherever you are, how and when you want. Freedom to create, think, collaborate, and make stuff happen, without being chained to a cubicle.
Post-Office isn’t just a co-working space, it’s a completely new work lifestyle. Imagine working without constraint, without rules and without being tied down. We are for the pioneers, the start ups, the career adventurers, the new industry. Stay fresh, not stagnant. We offer a new perspective with every location.
— Post-office Cowork

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