Commitment and consistency will play a huge role in the success of Dapper Demand and my brand as a whole. I decided that one post per week would prove to be healthy for the growth of my blog. This blogpost marks the 4th week in a row I've come out with new content and I'm glad to be sticking to my word. Since the start of this streak, I've noticed a steady growth in followers and readers. You can count on me to continue to bring the heat because it's only getting better! For this Sunday's blogpost, I decided to make it another casual look. As some of you may know, the first week of the semester just passed and boy was it a hot one! Casual attire is one way to beat the heat but still DRESS TO IMPRESS. 

For a while now, I've been a fan of Lacoste (years actually). After all this time stalking the brand, I finally acquired my first piece. Lacoste's alligator-stamped polos are timeless! It was a no-brainer on what my first purchase would be. I simply paired it with tan chinos and sneakers. A school boy look- the cool kid in school obviously.