It's About Damn Time

Minimalist trends have grown in popularity over the past few years. Minimalism is illustrated in various aspects of life from fashion to home decor and even architecture. These trends suggest that simple is better. I wouldn't necessarily label myself a minimalist but, the ideals of minimalism do have some sort of influence on me here and there. Why minimalism? Well, the concept of this look was to display my take on the minimal culture by styling my new watch from Aboutime.

Aboutime is a minimalist wrist wear brand based in Boston, Massachusetts. These watches encompass a chic and simplistic design that will function well with any wardrobe. The watch I styled for this look has a silver case and brown leather strap. I desperately needed a leather strapped watch when Aboutime came in clutch with a collaboration pitch. Check them out at the link provided below!


MenswearElijah DavisComment