Where to Get Doughnuts In Atlanta

My recommendations on where to enjoy doughnuts in the city of Atlanta. 

Revolution Doughnuts

745 Edgewood Ave NE

Atlanta, Ga 30307

*Photos taken by Elijah D. Davis*

Revolution Doughnuts, located just east of downtown, is Atlanta's best destination for doughnuts in my opinion (rightfully earning the first feature in this post). If you're riding down this side of Edgewood (towards Decatur), you can't help but notice the bright yellow storefront. Revolution's outside appearance allows it to fit in well with the surrounding art in the neighborhood. 

The goal at Revolution Doughnuts is to "revitalize the American doughnut- to help restore it to it's former glory as a simple, tasty, hand-crafted treat." They stand for hand-crafted foods, making the dough and glazes from scratch and using real food ingredients in their recipes. By sticking to these goals Revolution Doughnuts is able to create interesting and tasty flavors which locals and critics enjoy alike.

5 Daughters Bakery

675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite N143

Atlanta, Ga 30308

*Photos taken by Elijah D. Davis*

Founded in Franklin, Tennessee, and recently setting up shop in Atlanta (inside Ponce City Market), 5 Daughters Bakery has built a foundation off of family and generational baking. 5 Daughter's Bakery is ran by third generation baker Issac Meek and his wife Stephanie Meek with the help of their 5 daughters. Issac and his wife originally had the idea of providing their services for events and wedding planners (an oversaturated market) but with the help of a friend they got their million dollar idea- a croissant dough doughnut. 

The menu at 5 Daughter's started as Stephanie Meek's pregnancy cravings. The menu features interesting flavors such as the King Kong and Chocolate Sea Salt (which aren't always available due to seasonal and locally sourced goods). They're dedicated to serve their customers with foods made daily from scratch.


299 North Highland Ave NE

Atlanta, Ga 30307

*Photos taken by Elijah D. Davis*

BeetleCat is an upscale bar and lounge located in the heart of Inman Park. BeetleCat is widely known for their seafood which is served in the upstairs dining room but on Saturdays and Sundays (from 10:30am - 2:30pm) they offer a Donut Brunch in the Den of the restaurant. 

As you sit to have their Donut Brunch, you'll notice a rectangular sheet of paper that reminds you of an Ihop coloring sheet but this is the menu- a fun way to order your brunch nonetheless. The menu consists of innovative items with fair pricing for the quality of food. One of the more mouthwatering items from the Donut Brunch is The Glazed Chicken- a crispy chicken breast accompanied by a fried egg sandwiched between two of their Plain Jane donuts.  

Sublime Doughnuts

535 10th St NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

*Photos taken by Elijah D. Davis*

Sublime Doughnuts is an old fashioned shop that isn't afraid to be adventurous with flavors. Founder Kamal Grant's love for baking and desire to create led to creation of Sublime. Grant's inspiration behind the shops name is comically described on the shop's Youtube channel.

Ok, I know what you're thinking, "how did ice cream make it on a post about a doughnuts?" If you closely that's no ordinary ice cream cone. That is one of Grant's newest creations the "CoNut" - a sugar-coated doughnut shaped like a cone with chocolate on the inside. With Grant's constant innovation who knows what he'll create next.