Condesa Chronicles

It's blogger culture to drink coffee at the most artistic and appealing coffee shops and then take pictures of your latte art and post it on social media. Coffee culture itself is huge all over the world and most bloggers have made it a part of their daily routine. Coffee is indeed art but it does serve its functional purpose. Bloggers typically have long days from meetings, photo shoots and traveling, so a dose of coffee is essential to keep us awake and focused through this untypical 9 to 5.

Atlanta doesn't have a plethora of innovative coffee shops like New York does but we do have a select few which appease my personal tastes. Condesa Coffee is a dope spot I discovered while searching for new shops to visit. Aesthetically, it's my favorite coffee shop in Atlanta. They have two locations in the city: one on Boulevard and the other on Auburn Ave. Today I'm featuring my preferred location of the two, Auburn Ave. This location is the least busy of the two due to it being fairly new. My usual order is a vanilla latte with caramel and a croissant (regular or chocolate filled). This time I tried the crispy liège waffle and I enjoyed it. I was unaware of the chocolate sauce option but you can bet that I'll have it on my waffle next time. If you find yourself on Auburn Ave. needing a cup of java, take the time to enjoy the treats and good service at Condesa Coffee. 

145 Auburn Ave
Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30303


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