Where To Drink Coffee In Atlanta

Revelator Coffee Company

691 14th Street, Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30318

*All photos taken by Elijah D. Davis*

Revelator Coffee is a hidden gem on the west side of Atlanta. They have 2 locations in the city but, you won't come across this particular one unless you already know it exists. I discovered it myself on accident while passing through the Westside Provisions District. Immediately when you enter you find yourself star struck from the massive, loft-style ceiling. The expansive glass draws in natural light, exposing the shop's selection of modern furniture.The interior design is unmatched and the products compliment the space.


"We design our shops to embody this belief. They are bright and open, with stay-awhile appeal." - revelatorcoffee.com

Brash coffee

1168 Howell Mill Road Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30318

*All photos taken by Elijah D. Davis*

Brash Coffee isn't your typical looking coffee shop. The shop's exterior design is created from an old shipping container. Brash is undoubtedly the most modern designed coffee shop in Atlanta. The shop's unique arcitecure makes up for it small size. Brash is really hands-on with their product sourcing their coffee from farmers they know personally and have established relationships with. 


"We believe in meticulously procuring, roasting, and preparing coffee in a way that honors everyone involved, from the farmers to the roasters to the baristas." - brashcoffee.com

condessa coffee

480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave, Ste 100
Atlanta, GA 30312

*All photos taken by Elijah D. Davis*

At the corner of Freedom Parkway and Boulevard lies Condesa Coffee. Condesa serves its Atlanta consumers from two locations. Today I'm highlighting the Old Fourth Ward(OFW) location. The OFW shop is a little different than the one on Auburn Ave(AA) (featured in a previous post). This location is bigger, and recieves a heavier foot traffic than the AA shop. The OFW Condesa also serves a selection of wine, beer and cocktails, unlike the AA Condesa that doesn't offer alcoholic beverages. Aside from alcohol and a few food items, the shops have very similar menus. The OFW Condesa is the hub for working via laptop and you'll find yourself staying longer than expected due to the welcoming aura.


"We care about the things that we give you, continually sourcing from high quality vendors and creating relationships with our customers." - condesacoffee.com

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