21 Savage

First blog post of the new year and I'm excited but disappointed. I always say that consistency is the key to success but I sometimes fail to practice what I preach. However, I don't always view inconsistencies in a negative way. Whenever I'm not producing new content on Dapper Demand or even on my social media, I'm always planning and seeking inspiration for future content. As far as blogging goes, I'm in a better place to produce work due to the acquisition of new resources. I believe that this is the year my brand will elevate to new heights- cliche, I know.

This time around I'm dressed in a rather middling look if I do say so myself but my casual outfits tend to be the posts that I'm really proud of when I look back on them. The attention to detail is key to admiring this post. I styled this look around my boots but the star of this look is the velvet jacket that I found for $20 at Forever 21- hence the title of blogpost. Unfortunately, I couldn't track down the piece on their site and similar items from other brands we're not in comparable price ranges. The boots from Thursday Boots only get better with every wear so I had to style them before temperatures get too warm. Let me know what you think of the look!